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UPDATE 4th November 2021 
As the covid vaccination programme progresses we have an update regarding having treatments after your vaccine. For people who had no problems following their covid vaccines you would only need to wait 1 week before you have any treatments. Unfortunately if you were unwell after your first 2 covid vaccines or are having a 3rd primary vaccine then you will still need to wait 2 weeks. 
Patch tests will need to be redone after your vaccines. 
In short: 
If you had no issues following your first 2 covid jabs you need to wait 1 week after a booster vaccine. 
If you had a reaction to your first 2 covid jabs you need to wait 2 weeks after a booster. 
If you have a 3rd Primary Covid Vaccine you will need to wait 2 weeks. 
You will need to re-patch test after a 3rd Primary Vaccine or Booster Vaccine for lash & brow tints, lash lifts & if you have sensitive skin for facial waxing. 
UPDATE 5th October 2021 
As roll out of Covid booster jabs begins I need to remind you that it is still not possible to have ANY treatments for 2 weeks following a Covid Vaccine. Also you are still required to complete the HeaIth Screening form 24 hours before each appointment. The form can be found here. Unfortunately patch tests wiIl need to be done again after your booster. 
If you have been abroad on holiday (hope you enjoyed!!) you need to wait a week after arriving home before your appointment. Take care of yourselves x 
UPDATE 19th July 2021 
Although the Government have now lifted pretty much all restrictions, I feel that the risk of catching Covid 19 is still very real. I know that so many of us have had 2 doses of the vaccine and therefore have a good level of protection but it does not make us totally immune. Therefore to respect everyone I have decided that I will continue to wear my PPE and all cleaning regimes will continue as always. It's going to be an unnerving time for many people and we have all missed out on so many family events, holidays and things we love. I totally understand how uncomfortable it is wearing masks but I ask that you wear your mask when coming for your appointments. You will also still be required to complete the HeaIth Screening form 24 hours before each appointment. The form can be found here. I feel that for the time being this is safter for all. Keep looking after yourself and your loved ones. Thank you for all your continued support and understanding. 
It is still not possible to have ANY treatments for 2 weeks following your Covid Vaccine. 
After a Vaccine you will also need to have another patch test for brow tiniting and lash treatments. 
UPDATE 12th April 2021 
We have no re-opened and are able to carry out all our treatments. We are working under the same stringent restrictions as last year. You will need to complete a Health Screening Form 24 hours before each appointment. The form can be found here. Also you will need to wear a mask. Due to the additional tasks required by the restrictions the time available for appointments is reduced so please bare with me. 
UPDATE 23rd February 2021 
After the announcement of the Governments "road map" out of the current lockdown, we have a provisional date of Monday 12th April 2021 to reopen. This is dependant on a number of measures and will only be confirmed by the Government a week before. We are taking bookings for appointments from 12th April and if the re-opening is delayed I will be in touch to reschedule any booked appointments. 
UPDATE 5th January 2021 
We are once again unable to carry out treatments due to National Lockdown. We don't know when we can re-open as yet but it likely to be sometime around mid February. 
Please wear your mask when you are in the salon and remember to send your health screening questionnaire 24 hours before your appointment. 
UPDATE 14th August 2020 - As off 15th August we will be able to carry out all of our treatments. Face Masks must be worn in the Salon and a Health Screening Questionnaire must be completed and returned 24 hours before your appointment. 
UPDATE- We will not be able to carry out treatment on the face as from Saturday 1st August. This has been delayed due to a rise in cases in certain areas of the Country. There will be a review of the 15th August by the Government. 
We have been given the go ahead by the UK Government to re-open the salon for treatments. There are still some restrictions on certain treatments. We are not currently allowed to perform any treatments on the face. This means that at the moment we cannot perform any of the following: 
Face waxing or threading 
Facial treatments 
Eyelash treatments 
Make-up application 
Eyebrow treatments 
Small adaptations to other treatments may be necessary. If you have any questions please do ask. 
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