Why BeautyLab 
For those of you who haven’t tried a facial with me yet I use BeautyLab products for all facials and skin care, but how and why did I decided to use BeautyLab over and above the 100’s of other brands that are available? 
Way back in 2004 (I think) I introduced skin care and facials into the salon, much to the delight of many clients. I have used a couple of different brands over the years but they never quiet hit the mark and I was constantly researching and testing brands. 
What was I looking for? 
I had a big list of what I wanted from a skin care range which included:  
great results - affordability - ethical brand - pure and natural ingredients - wide range of products to suit all skin needs 
British brand - excellent training and backup - not too strongly fragranced  
The process of choosing the right range was very time consuming but enjoyable. Firstly, was the research, speaking to the suppliers, looking at what benefits the range could offer and then I had to try the range for myself! If I didn’t like it or see great results, then it wasn’t good enough for you. When I thought I’d found the one I gave out samples to some of my regular clients and carried out facials for honest feedback. I took on a couple of ranges over the years but the first brand became quite expensive and I was certain that there was a range that was as good but more sensibly priced. Another range that followed was beautifully fragranced with an aromatherapy base this was wonderful, but over time I felt they fell behind in the results category.  
Along came BeautyLab London – an instant hit! 
Produced in the UK 
Against animal testing 
Many items are vegan friendly 
Paraben and SLS free 
Strict ethical and environmental policy 
Only uses finest, purest and most refined ingredients 
Delivers both instant and long-term results. 
So, what’s on my bathroom shelf? Yes, it is BeautyLab. 
If you’d like to find out more then please do get in touch with me by commenting below.  
Coming up next I’ll be giving you the low down on some of the ingredients. They often sound very sciency (is that a word?? It should be) but they are from natural sources. 
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