So here we are. It’s been more than a week since my last client here. I just wanted to stay in touch with you and let you know what I’m up to without you. How are you doing? Are you still having to go out to work, working from home or like me unable to work so at home? I’m catching up on lots of jobs that I don’t really get time for so far I’ve changed all the beds, cleared a bit more space in the loft (a job I began last year before I got poorly), given myself a facial, manicure and half a pedicure (my feet got cold so I haven’t put any colour on yet), finished my reading book and started another and been for a cycle ride (something I couldn’t do last year as I was too dizzy and likely to fall off!) I do miss popping to Mum & Dads to have lunch with them. My days are usually spent with lots of different people who I’m missing. I’ve had to put structure to my day. Even Leo appears to be hiding from the world. 
At the moment Paul and Alexander are still having to go to work. Paul was made redundant earlier this year and is currently working his notice period in a service centre that is being closed in June so not sure why he is a “key worker” and also dealing with a loss so is stressed to say the least. Alexander is a hard worker no matter what news his bosses give him so he’s just taking each day as it comes. 
There’s still no word from the PM as to any help for self-employed people and I don’t seem to qualify for any of the other schemes put in place so lack of income is a huge worry. I used up all my reserves last year when I was poorly. I managed then so I’m not going to let some global pandemic beat me now!! I’m keeping positive and smiling lots. We’re so luck to live where we do and technology helps us all keep in touch so we are not alone even if we are home alone. 
I’d love to hear from you. It’d be great to hear what you’re doing with your time. Is there anything that you think I can help with? Any aches & pains that I might be able to offer stretches and exercises for, any nail dilemma or skin care woes? Perhaps now you’ve more time you’d like some advice on home facials. I can’t see you in person but technology means we can still see each other. Let me know…I’m thinking of doing a few online get togethers where we can chat and I can help out with some tutorials for you to try things at home. Let me know if you’re up for it! You can find me on Facebook and Instagram. 
I hope that you and those you care about are all well. It’s hard staying away I know but it’s not going to be forever. Be patient and kind to each other . 
love Joanne 
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On 26th March 2020 at 16:56, Michelle wrote:
Hello. It is so strange not having structure 😩
It’s not good the boys are still working. . I am doing the 30min joe wicks workout for the kids. 😁 then housework job I don’t always get do .
Hope your doing some pianos practice 😂. Stay strong. We will meet again xx
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