If I ask you “what’s your skin care routine?” does it send you into a panic. Is Joanne judging me? Do I have a skin care routine? What should I be doing? Fear not. I’m here to help! 
I firmly believe as you only get one skin for your entire life then it’s best to look after it. Your skin is affected by so much. Some of these things are outside your control like the environment we live in, genetics, age but also some are things that we can control, wearing an SPF for example (sun protection if you were wondering). 
Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s down you. Think about if you have any specific areas of concern? Perhaps like me you have dark circles under your eyes. Maybe you want to reduce those pesky lines around your eyes or just to have a more even skin tone. Once you’ve considered that then you’re ready to start with the basics. 
This is the first stage in anyone’s skin care routine. You need to cleanse twice a day – when you get up and before you go to bed. 
Many Cleansers are suitable for all skin types so how do you choose which is best for you? I’m always happy to go through the options with you so that you can try them out for yourself. Consider the texture. Do you prefer a creamy consistency which can feel soothing or the idea of a fresh foaming product you can use in the shower? Do you like the fragrance? Would you prefer a vegan cleanser. 
Types of Cleansers 
• Cream Cleansers 
• Oil Cleanser 
• Foaming Cleansers 
• Cleansing Balms 
• Micellar Water 
• Eye Make-up Remover (not technically classed as a cleanser but sometimes necessary to remove some make-up) 
• Wipes (Er no please! Only in certain circumstances) 
Cream Cleansers – These creamy, thick cleansers are the most loved. Simply pump onto your hand and massage into your skin using small circular movement in upwards and outwards direction over your face, neck and decollate. Then remove with warm water on a clean flannel or cotton pads.  
Oil Cleansers – These are best applied by adding to a damp cotton pad and massaging around the face as with the cream cleanser. Again remove with warm water on clean flannel or cotton pads. 
Foaming Cleansers – Foaming face washes have always been popular with men (yes their skin is worth it too) and sporty people as they seem quick to use and can be used easily in the shower. Simply pump into your hand and massage onto wet skin. If you are using these in the shower make sure that you actually massage it into your skin before it is washed away by the shower. In reality foaming cleansers and no quicker than using a cream cleanser it’s just down to which product you prefer to use. 
Cleansing Balms – These come in solid form and become liquid when warmed in your hands. I found that cleansing balms were great when we had our caravan. Scoop a pea sized amount and massage onto your skin. I had a couple of damped flannels in a packet which I used to remove the balm with. These are also very popular with Gents. 
Micellar Water – No water needed. Simply apply to cotton pads and wipe around your face. You may need to use a number of pad to remove all your make-up and cleanse your face thoroughly. 
Eye Make-up Remover – Ok so not really a Cleanser as such but often needed to remove stubborn eyeliners and mascara. As the name suggest for the eye area only so needs to be used along side your Cleanser if necessary. 
Wipes – Please only if you really need to but wipes do have a place. If you don’t have access to water then they are OK and better than going to bed with your make-up on. I’ve found that to remove make-up and cleanse you need to rub quite a bit with the wipes which isn’t great for your skin. So best left for when you’re in transit, at a festival or high up a mountain without facilities! 
Double Cleanse?? During a facial here at Novy Health and Beauty you may notice that I cleanse your skin twice. This is to ensure that what you may be wearing on your face (ie make-up, SPF, grime, dead skin cells) is removed. I would suggest that you double cleanse if you’ve worn full make-up that day. 
If you'd like some help finding the right cleanser for your skin I can help you. Message me below and we can find the best cleanser for you. You can find details of all of the cleansing range from BeautyLab by visiting the shop page or clicking here
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