On, then off, then on again and from tomorrow off again. I've got so used to wearing them that I seem to have adapted how I breathe. By some miracle my glasses don't steam up anymore when I've got a mask on. I don't know why but that's how it is. The Government have decided that we don't have to wear masks now (although they are recommending we do in certain circumstances). Confused?? What will you do?  
I never stopped wearing masks. Freedom day July 19th (my birthday too) was the day most restrictions ended and people stopped wearing masks but if I went into a shop I still wore a mask, despite odd looks from maskless shoppers. I know that most of us have had 3 doses of the vaccine, some even 4 doses and so have a good level of protection, but it does not make us immune. I will continue to wear my masks and ask that when you come for your appointments you do too. 
I know how uncomfortable it can be wearing masks & not everyone agrees on how things should be done but I work in close contact with you so feel it is wise at this time. We get up close during some treatments, so for your benefit and mine I'll still be masked up.  
So what about coughs and colds? The new variant seems to present very much like a cold, so how do you know if it's Covid or not? Does it matter?? If you're poorly stay at home. A massage when you're not feeling right will be of little benefit to you. Infact, it may make you feel worse as the toxins are elliminated from your body you could feel really rough after your treatment and this is certainly not the result we are aiming for.  
With your appointment reminders there is a link to the Health Screening Form which needs to be completed 24-48 hours before each appointment. If you feel unwell at all please let me know so we can rearrange your appointment. Please note that I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy. 
Thank you for all your continued support and understanding. 
Joanne x 
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