I hope you read part one and are now happy with your nail shape, how best to file them and care for your cuticles. So time to move on to Part 2. Lets make them look pretty.  
Base Coats - Why do we need them and which should we use? 
Like your skin and hair your nails have their own specific strengths and weaknesses and need to be treated to keep them healthy. Base coats are designed for this. Whether your nails easily break or crack, maybe they peel or flake or perhaps they are very strong and tough, the correct base coat will help to improve the health and appearance of your nails. Another reason to use a good base coat is that it will protect your nails from discolouring when wearing nail polish, particularly strong and bold colours. 
So with correct base coat selected we apply using 8 - 10 strokes on each nail and include if possible behind the nail at the top and the tip to seal the nail. If you have time consider a 2nd coat. 
This is the tricky bit! #TooMuchChoice 
Jessica Colours are renowned for their durability and range of colours. Again apply using 8 - 10 strokes on the nail, behind the nail and along the edge. 2 coats is required to ensure that the colour is applied true. This all takes practice! You will probably (like I did) paint some of your finger along with the nail, especially if your nails are short. This is not a problem and the excess polish can easily be wiped away with a q-tip dipped in some nail varnish remover when you have finished your manicure. 
Top Coat 
Why? Again this is an extremely important part of your manicure and shouldn't be missed out. A good top coat acts as a "ceramic" seal to protect your hard work and prevents chipping of your polish. You've guessed it, apply using 8 - 10 strokes on the nail, behind the nail and along the edge if possible.  
A couple of drops of "Quick Dry" on each nail will help to protect your fresh manicure from smudging and help speed up drying time. When your nails are touch dry massage in hand lotion. Next, if you can do nothing! 
Top Tips for your Talons 
Wear gloves for gardening, cleaning and doing the dishes 
Scrape your nails over a bar of soap to prevent soil and dirt getting under your nails when gardening (even with gloves on) 
Add another layer of Top Coat every few days 
Do not use metal nail files & remember to always file in one direction 
Nourish your cuticles and keep your hands, nails & cuticles moisturised with hand lotion 
I'd love to see your manicures. Why not post a picture of your nails on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages  
Next time...... 
swedish, aromatherapy, indian head, hot stone - all massage but what is what? 
Products Used  
Jessica Reward (base coat for normal nails) 
Jessica Custom Colour 
Jessica Top Priority  
Jessica Brilliance 
Jessica Quick Dry Drops 
Jessica Enlighten Hand Cream 
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