Are you suffering from Maskne? Have you heard of it? It's just another thing that Covid-19 has given us but this we can beat. 
So have you noticed that maybe you're getting a few more spots or bumps on your face than normal. Maybe it's the change of seasons or maybe you're a bit under the weather or stressed, (and lets face it who's not?). It could be Maskne.  
Maskne is simply a term used to describe a breakout of spots or bumps on your face area that is covered when wearing a mask. Some of us spend all day wearing masks and can't wait to remove them when we get home. Even changing masks for a new one still causes problems for your skin.  
Maskne occurs when sweat, oil and bacteria are trapped on your skin while wearing a mask, creating the perfect breeding ground for breakouts. We all agree that masks are uncomfortable to wear and here to stay for a while, but when we get warm or are working while wearing them the problem is made worse. So what's the answer...... 
Simple. Look after your skin. A proper skin care routine at home can help dramatically. Does that sound like too much effort? It doesn't have to be. Follow these simple steps each night to improve your skin and beat Maskne. 
Remove eye make-up (using eye make-up remover or some Micellar Waters can do this too.) 
Cleanse. If you've worn lots of make-up cleansing twice will help. 
Book a monthly facial for a deeper treatment. 
It can be that simple. That's the basics. 
If you want to improve your skin and slow down the ageing process simple add ons to the basic routine can make a massive difference. If you want to book a facial Click Here , alternatively give me a call on 07889 744348. If you'd like any help or advice with your own skin care I'd be happy to help. Remember you only have one skin and it needs to last your lifetime. Take care of it! 
Joanne xx  
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