How many times have we all seen the post on social media that asks "Would you leave the house without make-up on?" Most people reply that they never wear make-up anyway but is that the real question? Surely everyone leaves the house at some point au natural. 
We all know about the stereo typical beauty therapist....always dolled up with soooo much make-up, maybe a dodgy tan and definitely perfectly polished nails and a meltdown when a nail gets chipped. If you know me at all you know that's not me. I generally wear light make-up at work and although my nails are polished 99% of the time if they break or get chipped doing the gardening or some other work I don't fret as it's not the end of the world.  
So if someone asks me "Would you leave the house without wearing any make-up?" my answer would be "Yes. Often". A trip to the supermarket, popping in to see Mum & Dad, a walk with a friend, nipping to the Co-Op, I generally wouldn't bother putting make-up on, but....a night out with Paul, a trip to the theatre, lunch out with family, then I'd probably make the effort. The effort would be for me. A dot of concealer on an angry red spot, hide dark circles and a splash of lippy and I'm good to go. If I'm putting on my best dress then I will put on some make-up to. There are no rules here, it's just what makes you feel good. 
We need to remember that there are different ways of wearing make-up.  
Day make-up is generally what I wear. A light and fairly natural look. 
Evening make-up - a more bold look for a night out. This may include heavier eyeliner, darker eye colours and a bold lipstick. 
Party make-up - this is usually a fun look experimenting with bold and brighter colours. 
Bridal make-up - a look that will be imortalised with photographs & film you need a flawless look inkeeping with the style of the brides theme be it elegant, 40's themed etc 
Perhaps the really question on the social media posts sould be "Do you look after your skin with any skin care routine?" After all any make-up is going on top of your skin and good skin care makes all the difference. Perhaps you have sensitive skin and find make-up aggrevates that. The correct skin care routine at home can help tremendously. Without skin care our skin is exposed to the elements, like gusting wind, bright sunlight, damp frost. These all can damage your skin if it's not proteced. So many people get dry, chapped lips in the winter months or have developed dark patches (sun spots) on their skin from being in the sun. These problems can be allievated with a short simple skin care routine at home. 
A simple routine at home only takes a couple of minutes and doesn't need to cost the earth. Looking after your skin is important for all ages and our skin has to last us a lifetime so we need to take good care of it. Using a simple, regular routine you will start to see the benefits very quickly giving you more confidence to face the world (or the neighbours) without a thick layer of foundation. 
My question to you is.... 
"Would you leave the house without using any skin care?"  
Comment "No make-up" if you'd like more information on how to start your own simple skin care routine. 
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