As daylight hours are getting shorter so many of us suffer with low mood and generally feeling a bit glum. So, what can we do to make us feel brighter? 
Nature can offer so much in terms of nurturing our own well-being. Perhaps a walk can help to perk us up or spending some time with friends and family, but have you heard about Aromatherapy? Aromatherapy is the science of using natural, extracted essences from plants to balance with the mind, body and spirit. 
To me aromatherapy is a fantastic tool to help with general health & well-being and in particular it is a very simple yet effective way to improve my mood. Don’t we all need a bit of help with that at the moment? 
What does aromatherapy mean to you? Does it evoke images of a soothing massage with chiming music in the background or is it burning a lovely smelling candle on a dark evening? Some benefits of incorporating aromatherapy into your life include helping with relaxation, stress relief, sleep issues, anxiety and depression. 
A tiny bit of science… as we inhale the Olfactory Systems simulates the brain to trigger the release chemicals which evoke an emotional response which may be relaxing, sedative, stimulating or euphoric amongst others. 
Introducing little ways to add aromatherapy into your everyday can be very simple indeed. One of the easiest ways to introduce aromatherapy into your home is by using a diffuser. I find these are the simplest and safest to use at home. By adding a few drops of your chosen essential oils and leaving to diffuse for a couple of hours before going to bed can help you drift off to sleep easier. Think about what you’d like to achieve. Do you need some relief from headaches, or cold symptoms? Perhaps you need help to concentrate or just feel a bit more joyful. 
There are so many essential oils to choose from you may need some help & advice from an aromatherapist to begin with. As a fully qualified Aromatherapist for over 22 years I’d be very happy to help. I work from my salon at home in Acaster Malbis. It seems that Acaster Malbis has a history of aromatherapy essential oils. Have you noticed the large rusting metal vessel outside the Acaster Malbis Village Hall? It’s been there for as long as I can remember but do you know what it is? The little brass plaque on it reads “Original Still Used for Distilling Peppermint Grown At Acaster Malbis About D.1840” 
Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy and in no way is a replacement for the advice from a GP or Health Professional 
I will be running a new workshop in the new year. Please contact me if you’d like more information. 
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